About Us

Before a pencil is ever put to paper—and long after the last hammer is packed away—we intend to create a product that is lovingly crafted, humbly sold, then proudly owned. We will continue to maintain Novus Stanza’s rank amongst the best in quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Novus Stanza Properties will continue to be meticulous about every single aspect of community planning, wherever the location is. Over the last 30 years, our process remains unchanged: we acquire the land, design the homes, build the infrastructure, plan the streets, and create the facilities. However, as the times change we continue to adapt with the diverse and ever-changing lifestyles of our customers. Our aim is to create a home that does not dictate style, but complements your own.

Novus Stanza is at the forefront of the unwavering real estate market in Egypt. With more than three decades of proud history, we have successfully delivered more than 3,000 unique quality units, from luxury residential villas to beach houses and a variety of different apartment buildings all around the Greater Cairo. Novus Stanza has also established a prominent status in Egypt’s tourism industry. Proudly offering a various number of outstanding allinclusive hotels and beachside getaway resorts throughout some of the best seashores in Egypt. Through the numerous projects completed and the thousands of satisfied customers, Novus Stanza Properties maintains a solid presence in Egypt’s booming real estate development sector.